Directorate Of Technical Education

The Govt. of AJ&K is committed to promoting technical education and therefore a number of meaningful efforts have been undertaken including the establishment of technical Education, Which is headed by the director of technical education, assistant director of technical and support. It also includes an agrotechnical training centre in its organization setup. For sustainability of Development schemes, it has now been shifted to a normal budget. The technical education is introduced in 500 schools where staff in different technical qualification is placed. Almost 2000 technical teachers are working in different institutions. All matters relating to recruitment transfers and promotions lie to this directorate. It also appraises the performance of Agro Tech College Staff and Monitors & Supervises of Teacher training Institute and technical teacher training institute (Agrotech Center) teacher education institute’s activities. It also provides guidance for better performance to technical teachers and Policymaking.

Functions of Technical Education

  • Appointment, promotion, posting and transfer of junior technical teachers (BS.9) in the whole state of AJK
  • Preparing proposal regarding appointing, promotion and transfer of Senior Technical Teachers (BS-16)
  • Appointment and posting of computer Lab. Assistants.
  • Monitoring and supervision of matters regarding Technical Education