Education Planning Cell

For planning all Developmental Projects of School Education in AJ&K, a planning cell was established with one director and one deputy director, research officer, Executive Engineer and support staff. It develops PC-1, and get approval from Government through P&D. It also ensures the implementation of all developmental Projects in the School Education Sector. The planning Directorate/cell is also an important component of the Education directorates and is responsible to prepare, and revise PC-1 and submit PC-IV and also undertake project activities in line with a development project. These also shoulder the responsibility of distribution, reapportion and surrender of development outlays earmarked under the annual ADP of AJ&K. These are also responsible for settling the audit para. In addition, these are responsible to comply with AJ&K Prime Minister’s and President’s Directives. The growing number of school, school teacher and supporting staff increasing the workload of this directorate manifold, which may refer to overloading and inadequate capacity for handling such a huge portfolio due to understaffing and other administrative issues including un-conducive physical working environment, etc.

However, the education system run by this directorate is centrally controlled and may need to be devolved to bring and the divisional and district setup in lope to play their individual role. This may need the restructuring of these directorates keeping in view their functions, personnel requirements and institution capacity development needs.

The Azad Jammu & Kashmir also have Education Sector Reforms Unit (ESRU) is an integral part of the E&SED. The ESRU was established with the following objectives:

Functions and Objectives of Education Planning Cell

  • Preparation of short term, medium term & long term plans/projects and supervision
  • Preparation of monthly/Quarterly review reports
  • Coordination with Planning & Development Department, Donors/Sponsors and Development Partner through Secretariat
  • Purchase of land for educational institutions
  • Provision of Science Equipment and Furniture